🌬️ Wind


A face blowing the wind, as a personification of nature (e.g., Mother Nature, the North Wind) who creates the wind by blowing air from its mouth. Depicted as a gray, profile of a human face, generally with a feminine appearance, blowing swirls from her mouth to the right.

May be used to represent windy weather. Occasionally used to represent clouds, fog, smoke, and smoking. Not to be confused with Dashing Away, though their applications may overlap.

Microsoft’s design is blue, as is Facebook’s, whose design most clearly suggests a woman’s face. WhatsApp’s design depicts a cloud with a face, as Samsung’s previously did.

Wind wurde als Teil von Unicode 7.0 in 2014 genehmigt und zu Emoji 1.0 in 2015 hinzugefügt.

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Auch bekannt als

  • 🌬️ Blowing Wind
  • 🌬️ Mother Nature


🌬️ Wind Blowing Face



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