SoftBank 1998

  • Verkäufer: SoftBank
  • Version: 1998
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 1. Dezember 1997
  • Emojis: 90

Created in December 1997, this update made minor changes to the original 1997 SoftBank emoji set. Not documented to have been in use until 1998.

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Über SoftBank Emojis

SoftBank is a Japanese carrier which had its own emoji set for the years 1997—2016. SoftBank (known as J-Phone at the time) created the first known emoji set. The SoftBank emoji designs heavily influenced Apple's original emoji font which was designed to be compatible with this set when launching in Japan, due to iPhone being a SoftBank-exclusive phone when first released.

SoftBank announced it would switch to using Google emoji designs from 2016, for phones supporting Android 7.0 or above. SoftBank no longer releases updates to this emoji set.