­čśô Bedr├╝cktes Gesicht Mit Schwei├č


A yellow face with closed eyes, frown, and a bead of sweat dripping from its forehead. Usually depicted with a single sweat bead on its right side, though Facebook and WhatsApp include the sweat bead on its left side.

Meaning widely varies, but commonly conveys a moderate degree of sadness, pain, frustration, or disappointment, similar to ­čśó Crying Face and ­čśą Sad But Relieved Face. Not to be confused with ­čśů Grinning Face With Sweat or other emojis with tear or sweat droplets.

Google previously featured a blue face. Microsoft previously depicted multiple beads of sweat from around the smiley’s forehead. Earlier designs from Samsung had more pleading eyes.

Bedr├╝cktes Gesicht Mit Schwei├č wurde als Teil von Unicode 6.0 in 2010 genehmigt und zu Emoji 1.0 in 2015 hinzugef├╝gt.

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Auch bekannt als

  • ­čśô Hard Work
  • ­čśô Sad Sweat Face


­čśô Downcast Face with Sweat



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