au by KDDI Type F

  • Verkäufer: au by KDDI
  • Version: Type F
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 1. Mai 2012
  • Emojis: 630

First available in May 2012, this emoji set is the first from au by KDDI to unify designs to largely mimic the set from NTT Docomo, providing greater cross-platform consistency. This was the first and only emoji set from au to move away from realistic designs to more abstract symbols.

Shigetaka Kurita, the creator of the first Docomo designs, is reported to have assisted with this effort.

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Über au by KDDI Emojis

An emoji set from au by KDDI; a Japanese mobile phone carrier. Using black and white emoji characters from 1999, this set gained animation in the early 2000s before moving to static, high resolution designs.

In 2012, au replaced its custom designs with a new set heavily inspired by, and designed to be compatible with, emojis from NTT Docomo.